Friday, May 23, 2008

Need Some Help at the Pump?

Just saw a report on this morning's Fox and Friends about saving money at the gas pump. Here are the tips that will help you out this holiday weekend:
  1. Fill up the gas tank in the morning - gas is more dense in the morning.
  2. Fill up at the half-way mark - you get better gas mileage and a truer tank of gas.
  3. Don't fill up when the gas tanker truck is at the station.
  4. Put nitrogen in your tires; make sure you keep your tires inflated.
Just a few tips that could save you a couple of bucks a week. Another tip that wasn't mentioned in the report is to watch your speed. I know from experience that traveling at the speed limit or a little slower save a ton of gas. Have a great holiday weekend!!

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