Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Platform - Are You Being Heard?

Michael Hyatt asks, "Have you ever felt that trying to get your message out was hopeless? Like trying to get noticed in a packed stadium? Or trying to get heard at a crowded, loud party with music blaring in the background?"  Well, if you have then you are not alone.  We all have a message to say, a product to sell, or a business to market; but if we don't have platform in which to communicate those things then we are not successful.

I had the privilege of talking with Michael Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing, about his new book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  We discussed the importance of having a platform, no matter what you are trying to communicate and the ease in which you can build one.

Michael says, "Without a platform —something that enables you to get seen and heard—you don’t have a chance. Having an awesome product, an outstanding service, or a compelling cause is no longer enough."  This book will give you the step-by-step instructions on setting up your platform in an easy to read and comprehend format.

To listen to the interview please click here, scroll down or view the video below.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Be A Better Dad Today

Gregory Slayton is an American professor, businessman, philanthropist, former Ambassador and father of four.  His greatest passion, for fathers to be the best dad they can be, comes from his own story, featured in his new book, Be a Better Dad Today.

Be a Better Dad Today reminds fathers that they can fulfill their parental responsibilities and overcome whatever issues they may have inherited or grown up with.  Slayton has studied the art and practice of fatherhood on six different continents over the past 25 years. Some of the topics covered in the book include:
  • Is the Role of Fatherhood in Crisis?
  • Fatherhood today is not like it was in your dad's generation.
  • Military fathers are finding it difficult to reconnect with their children.
  • And many others!
With humor, empathy and relatable advice, Be a Better Dad Today speaks to all father, no matter their situation.  Slayton even has a section devoted to helping single and long-distant fathers connect and engage with their kids.

To underscore his commitment to strengthening fatherhood and families, Slayton is donating 100% of his royalty profits to Christian fatherhood charities.  Plus, he is giving copies of the book to those in active military service for FREE!.  To learn more about this powerful book and how you can obtain a free copy go to

Pictured left is Ambassador Slayton with his wife and children. It was a privilege to have Ambassador Slayton on my show and to discuss the many issues that fathers today are facing.  To listen to our conversation please click here or scroll down.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swipe - Dystopian Thriller for Middle Grade Readers

In a location once known as North America lies the American Union, a country formed to end total war and famine.  In the A.U., children become citizens at thirteen years of age by receiving The Mark.  The Mark allows citizens to go to school, see a doctor, and even buy food and concert tickets.

That is the setting for Evan Angler's new book Swipe.  This futuristic thriller depicts a world full of government influence and the lead the character Logan, along with his friends, find themselves in the middle of a conflict they never knew existed.  Fans of the popular series The Hunger Games will delight in Angler's original style and Logan races through this adventurous story.

Evan was a guest on my show and shared his thoughts on his first book, the series and what it's like writing for the Middle School audience.  To listen to the podcast click here or scroll down. Click here to learn more about Evan Angler.

Swipe, the first book of the series, is available through Tommy Nelson, the children's division of Thomas Nelson, Inc.  To learn more about Tommy Nelson click here.  Book two, Sneak, will be available later this year.

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