Thursday, July 31, 2008

Newcomer Mollye Rees

I got the chance to hear a new song yesterday by the latest entry to Christian music Mollye Rees. I have to admit that when a new artist comes on the scene I get a little skeptical about motives, longevity, etc. One of the first things I do is Google the person and try to find their website and maybe even the record label they have signed with.

It didn't take me long to find Mollye's web site and hear her heart for what God wants to do in her life and her music. Mollye began singing at the age of 12 and after a back injury sidelined her college volleyball career, Mollye began taking voice lessons and persuing her first love - music. She moved to Nashville in 2006, was signed with Hollow Oak Records and says of her music, "I like songs that tell stories... I just like to touch people with music. Just to be able to make them feel the emotion in a song, there's nothing better."

For more information on Mollye Rees go to her website.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CentriKids at Toccoa Falls College

Westside Church sent a group of kids to CentriKid camp (a camp run by Georgia Baptist Association). Consider sending your kid to camp next summer to CentriKid at Toccoa Falls College.

Morning show Top 10

  1. Mercy Me - You Reign
  2. The Sonflowerz - My Adoration
  3. Fee - All Because of You
  4. Chris Tomlin - Jesus Messiah
  5. Point of Grace - Heal the Wound
  6. Sara Groves - It Might Be Hope
  7. Michael W. Smith - A New Hallelujah
  8. Paul Baloche - How Great Thou Art
  9. Bart Millard - I Stand Amazed
  10. Shannon Wexelburg - Hail to the King

Monday, July 28, 2008

Remembering Randy Pausch

Last April I posted an entry entitled The Last Lecture and I introduced you to a unique and brave individual - Randy Pausch. His "last lecture" was one of the most downloaded videos on YouTube. He was suffering from pancreatic cancer and he succumbed to the cancer this past Friday. Randy leaves behind a wife and three children.

Here are some articles on Randy:

1. New York Times
2. USA Today
3. Yahoo! News
4. ABC News

ABC will air a special entitled "The Last Lecture: A Celebration of Life", Tuesday evening at 10.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rest in Peace

Andrew Widman
Toccoa Falls College Class of 1999

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Morning Show Top 10 for Week of July 21

1. FEE/All Because Of Jesus(INO)
2. LAURA STORY/Mighty To Save(INO)
3. THE SONFLOWERZ/My Adoration(Independent)
4. MARK HARRIS/All For The Glory Of You(INO)
5. MERCYME/You Reign(INO)
6. BART MILLARD/I Stand Amazed(INO/Simple)
7. SHANNON WEXELBERG/Hail To The King(Discovery House)
8. AFTER THE CHASE/I'll Be A Fool(Independent)
9. GINGER MILLERMON/We Are Amazed(Anothen Music)
10. GORDON MOTE/Don't Let Me Miss The Glory(Independent)

Back in the Saddle

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. Last week I was hit with a stomach virus that would come and go. I never knew from day to day if I would be feeling good or not. Friday evening, once I finally got home, I slept for nearly 13 hours. The sleep didn't really get rid of it but left it dormant long enough for me to go see the latest in the Batman franchise, "The Dark Knight."

Now, I've heard a number of reviews about the movie and how great Heath Ledger played the part of the Joker. There's even buzz in the online community for Oscar for the late actor. So you can imagine my excitement as I left home Saturday afternoon to meet up with some friends to see this film. And not only were we going to see the film but see it on the iMax screen - 8 stories and 12,000 watts of sound!

After spending nearly 3 hours waiting in line (I bought my ticket 2 weeks earlier) we were told that the air conditioning in the theater was broken and we could either get our money back or see it in a different theater. Well, after waiting that long we decided to go into the other theater. We were not disappointed! What an experience! The movie did not disappoint. Good acting and great story.

I took a lot out of this movie. The primary theme throughout the story was "choices" as each character was involved in making choices. If you decide to go to see "The Dark Knight" see if you can identify the number of choices that are made - not choices like what do I wear, where do I eat - choices between right and wrong, good and evil, life or death.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Folding a Fitted Sheet

My wife hates when I fold the sheets. I think I do a pretty good job folding the flat sheet and the pillow cases but when it comes to the fitted sheet I have no idea what I'm doing. Fitted sheets are the hardest thing on the planet to fold. Usually the sheets looks like a wadded piece of paper when I'm through.

You can imagine my delight when I came across this video. If you have a hard time folding fitted sheets - watch and be amazed.

Fold A Fitted Sheet With Perfectly Squared Corners - video powered by Metacafe

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Questions Parents Should Ask About School

Evidence shows that when parents are involved in their children's education, academics improves. Involvement is more than just volunteering though that is very important. To help determine involvement Marc Fey, with Focus on the Family's Community Impact outreach, has developed 20 questions parents need to ask regarding their children's school.
  1. How involved am I as a parent?
  2. What are the best and worst teaching strategies for my children?
  3. When and how should I contact the teacher?
  4. What do I need to know about Parent-Teacher conferences?
  5. What should I look for when I visit my child's classroom
  6. What if I have concerns about materials, programs, or policies?
For the rest of the list click here. Parental involvement is the key to success in any school whether it be public or private. Be ready for this school year and let you children's teachers know that you plan to be involved in a constructive way with you children's education.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Morning Show Top 10

1. THE SONFLOWERZ/My Adoration(Independent)
2. FEE/All Because Of Jesus(INO)
3. LAURA STORY/Mighty To Save(INO)
4. CURT COLLINS/Another Day(FSS Records)
5. MARK HARRIS/All For The Glory Of You(INO)
6. MERCYME/You Reign(INO)
7. GORDON MOTE/Don't Let Me Miss The Glory(Independent)
8. MICHAEL W. SMITH/So Great(Reunion/Provident)
9. BART MILLARD/I Stand Amazed(INO/Simple)
10. AFTER THE CHASE/I'll Be A Fool(Independent)

The Shack

What is it about this new (well not too new) book called "The Shack"? I see it everywhere. I see a lot of people reading it. A lady in my office read it and said that it was a wonderful book. A radio personality in Christian radio devoted a few (not one but a few) programs on the book. I don't get it. I have not read the book yet. I've got a nightstand full of books that I'm reading so the last thing I need to do is put another on the stack. What I would like to know is this book worth it? Should I stop reading these other books and dive into this one? You tell me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Good News from Rush of Fools

From their latest email:

Dear Friends,

Many words would go into this letter, but we want to Thank Jesus for helping us recover our "stuff." You have been so faithful to pray, and financially support us during the past 6 days as we have walked through a scary and uncertain situation with the theft of our trailer and gear. We are so excited to report that at 1am on Tuesday morning, we received a call that our trailer and gear had been found by the Montgomery Police Department. While this investigation is ongoing, we want to respect the job that the local police are currently doing to find the people responsible for this crime, we did want to pass along the news to you. As of the writing of this, we have personally not seen the trailer yet (other than on the news - Thanks to our AMAZING friends at WSFA NBC Montgomery), nor any of our gear. We are told that the police feel about 90% of the stuff is still inside the trailer.

We do know, and have confirmed that it was the story that aired on WSFA that broke the case. We are thankful to whoever made that call into the tip line. Thank you for doing the brave thing. We hope we can repay you one day.

To the Montgomery Police Department and Sheriffs office, thank you for working so hard for the past 6 days to find our gear. We appreciate you not just treating this as another stolen property case, but going above and beyond.

To the folks at WSFA TV, thanks for taking a few minutes over the past few days to share our story with your viewers. You made a huge difference.

And finally, to the many friends and fans who have been praying and sending in your support. We are so grateful to you. We will be using the funds to replace any gear that was stolen, and we will be back on tour starting Sunday!

Many verses in scripture talk about us relying on God for our needs. Our story is a life story of asking Him to meet us where we are. And this case is no different. Please don't view the TV coverage, national radio coverage, and web blogs to be about us. It's all about our Great God who loves and cares for us. This is just another one of His amazing life moments. To that we are humbled.

Rush Of Fools
Wes, Kevin, JD, Jamie, and Jacob

Read the article from WFSA

Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 Blogging Tips from Chris Brogan

If you are new to the blogosphere then Chris Brogan's blog is a must read. I've gotten a lot of help and encouragement from his articles, and they have helped me be a little more refined in my blog articles.

Here are his 10 tips for blogging that I find are extremely helpful:
  1. Write to be helpful.
  2. Be Brief.
  3. Tell a story.
  4. Connect others, if appropriate.
  5. Share. Often.
  6. Don't over think it (it's not a dissertation).
  7. But be thoughtful.
  8. Don't be mean.
  9. Publish often enough to build a relationship.
  10. But be mindful of your audience's time.
Talk about common sense. So easy - it's hard to remember. Are there other tips that should be added?

What Political Issues are Important to You?

From the Fermi Project and Q here is New York Times reporter Michael Luo:

Where Do You Get Your Energy?

From Tim Stevens and LeadingSmart

Losing 50K a Day!!

Perry Noble, senior pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson SC, posted a blog that really made an impact on me. What if I told you that 50,000 people step into eternity without knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior each day!? That's like a lot of people!!

Read Perry's blog here and then let me know what you think.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Morning Show Top 10

  1. All Because of Jesus - Fee (INO)
  2. My Adoration - The Sonflowerz (Independent)
  3. Mighty to Dave - Laura Story (INO)
  4. Another Day - Curt Collins (FSS Records)
  5. It Might Be Hope - Sara Groves (INO)
  6. I Cry Holy - Dennis Jernigan (Shepherd's Heart Music)
  7. You Rein - MercyMe (INO)
  8. Heal the Wound - Point of Grace (Word-Curb)
  9. Don't Let Me Miss the Glory - Gordon Mote (Independent)
  10. Peace Be Still - Rush of Fools (Midas Records)

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Summer Reading List

One of my favorite pastimes is to read. I got started reading at an early age and haven't really stopped. Here's a list of books that I'm currently reading and that I plan to read before the end of the summer:

The God Conversation





A Fourth of July Prayer

Dear Lord,

There is no greater feeling of liberation than to experience this freedom from sin and death that you have provided for me through Jesus Christ. Today my heart and my soul are free to praise you. For this I am very thankful.

On this Independence Day I am reminded of all those who have sacrificed for my freedom, following the example of your Son, Jesus Christ. Let me not take my freedom, both physical and spiritual, for granted. May I always remember that my freedom was purchased with a very high price. My freedom cost others their very lives.

Lord, today, bless those who have served and continue to give their lives for my freedom. With favor and bounty meet their needs and watch over their families.

Help me to live my life in a way that glorifies you, Lord. Give me the strength to be a blessing in someone else's life today, and grant me the opportunity to lead others into the freedom that can be found in knowing Christ.


(Author Unknown)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Christian Band Rush of Fools Needs Prayer

I recently received word that the band Rush of Fools had their equipment trailer stolen early this morning. The trailer contained everything the band needs (i.e. instruments, sound gear, merchandise... everything!). Here's an excerpt from their e-letter:

We know that God has plans in the midst of this. While we look for answers, please pray that our trailer and gear will be found quickly and unharmed. Our next set of concerts begin on July 14th, and our management company is working now to help find solutions so we can continue to play concerts and share our music with hurting people who need to hear it.

The band is asking for help in two ways: first, pray that they will get their equipment and merchandise back as soon as possible. Second, if you can help financially that would be a huge blessing. Mail your checks to Rush of Fools, Inc. at the address below.

Rush of Fools
P.O. Box 963
Nolensville, TN 37135

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are You LinkedIn?

One of the many tools in the Web2.0 universe is LinkedIn (I have link to their site on the sidebar) and its a great way of keeping connected with current and past associates. Take a look at the video below for more information