Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jittery Joes Coffee

By now you have noticed that we have a new sponsor for The Morning Show - Jittery Joe's Coffee. Jittery Joe's has agreed to supply The Morning Show team with coffee keep us going and we appreciate Charlie and the whole gang in Athens for their support of our ministry.

Jittery Joe's Coffee is an Athens tradition going some 15 years. They roast and blend their own coffee right in Athens, and I have to say it's the best coffee I've tasted. Not only do they roast and blend their own coffee but they also work with many non-profits in the listening area with fundraising. We hope to develop our own blend for The Morning Show!

For mote information just click the logo on the left and discover the world of Jittery Joe's Coffee!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Super Math Guy

I was never really that good with numbers. Just when I thought I got a handle on math they threw letters (how does 2x+2y=100?). Anyway, here's a guy who can do math faster than calculators:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Scariest Clock in the Country

Phil Cooke past this on to me - this will scare you to action (I hope!)

Sink or Swim? Nonprofits in 2010

i found this article on the future of non-profits to be very beneficial. If you or anyone you know are in non-profit work of any kind you need to read this article

Sink or Swim? Nonprofits in 2010

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Boy, My Back Hurts

The last few days have been interesting to say the least. Monday I get to work (my first Monday in a few weeks) and I was looking forward to a great week. I love my job and enjoy going to work everyday - taking time off is hard for me. But I noticed something over the weekend - my back began to hurt and increase in pain each day. I didn't really think about it much because I deal with back pain on a regular basis (that's another story). But on Tuesday afternoon, after getting up from my afternoon nap, I could barely make across the room! Kathy, my lovely bride, said it was time to go to the doctor. So off to the "doc in the box" and have it checked out.

After running some tests and having an examination, the doctor said it looked to him like it was kidney stones. Are you kidding me!! I was not happy with that diagnosis. The doctor said that I would need a CT-scan to know definitively. They would call in the morning to the hospital to make my appointment. Until then, they prescribed some pain medication to help me sleep.

The next morning is when the adventure really begins. The doctor was having a hard time getting my appointment set because: 1) my insurance wasn't recognized by the hospital, and 2) it wasn't an emergency (from their point of view - to me, oh yeah!). Well, I finally got in and the scan showed no kidney stones. Well, Praise the Lord! That is what I wanted to hear, but my back pain was getting worse. The doctor finally suggested that it was a pinched nerve that came about from tubing last week. He prescribed even more powerful pain killer and sent me home.

The pain killers are definitely working but making me feel pretty groggy. I will be back to work in the morning and all is well. The process of getting pre-certified for the scan proves to me that the health industry needs to change. I was sitting at home all day waiting for my appointment while the insurance company and the hospital were holding things up. My concern is that if the government becomes more involved in this process that it will take longer and become worse.

We need to pray for those in the health industry, namely the doctors, nurses, techs, etc., who are caught in the middle. Thanks for those of you who have been praying for me over the last few days during The Morning Show prayer time and thanks to my co-workers (especially Kevin and Paul) who have pitched in to keep things running for my show and my other duties at WRAF

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Housing Starts Are Up!

Got some good news from Dale Vermillion this morning during my weekly chat with him. First of all, the housing market is starting to see some life. According to a July 20 article in the American Banker, the number of single family home construction saw a rise in the month of June (about 3.6%). There is still some caution on housing prices but this looks to be a good sign.

Another bit of good news comes from the Washington Post. The government is proposing an option to rent after foreclosure. This can be good news for those facing foreclosure. For more information on foreclosure protection go to www.makinghomesaffordable.com

Saturday, July 18, 2009

And That's the Way It Was

Walter Cronkite, a regular fixture on American television for more than a generation as anchor of the "CBS Evening News," died Friday evening in New York after a long illness. He was 92.

There were many nights that he gave comfort to the nation. From the death of a president to the times of war to victories achieved, Walter Cronkite was the voice of the nation; the most trust man in America. There will be no one like him again.

"And that's the way it is..." Click here for more on Walter Cronkite

Friday, July 17, 2009

Review of Harry Potter's Latest

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has hit the theaters and many are standing in line in their Hogwarts garb ready to be transported into the magical world once again. Focus on the Family has a pretty decent review of the latest film. Click here for more.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Purity Ring iPhone App

iPhone apps are all the rage. I hear teens quiz each other on which apps they have on their phones. Today, ministries are working to make a dent in this trend and Island Wall Entertainment has done just that with their Purity Ring iPhone App.

Anyone with an iPhone or iTouch can download this timeless pledge to remain morally pure until marriage. The app is available from the Apple app store. For more information check out Island Wall Entertainment's website.

40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

I was about 2 years old when this happened so I don't remember a thing. However, my parents tell me we went to a neighbor's house, since we didn't own a television set, and watched the landing. However, what the country saw on television wasn't the whole story. Watch this video for the rest of the story.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Think of Yourself as a Failure?

If you have ever failed and you think you don't amount to anything watch this:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Has the Worst Traffic in the Nation

I hate traffic! When I worked in Atlanta I had to endure some of the worst traffic and I thought for sure that Atlanta's traffic was the worst in the nation. According to an AJC article, Atlanta ranks third in the nation. The report also showed that the typical Atlanta commuter spent 57 hours a year sitting in traffic. That results in over 133,000,000 hours lost in productivity and a record $3 billion.

For more information on the traffic woes of our country click here

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is a test

Yadda yadda

5 Tips to Protect You Against Mortgage Fraud

Dale Vermillion, author of the book Navigating the Mortgage Maze: The Simple Truth About Financing Your Home, informed my listeners that mortgage fraud is on the rise in this country, and to protect us here are Dale's five tips to protect us from being taken advantage of:
  1. Choose Godly personal friends or referrals - Prov. 12:26
  2. Talk to multiple people - Prov. 15:22
  3. If it's too good to be true - it probably is - Prov. 24:3
  4. Get references and credibility resources - Prov. 4:7
  5. Never agree to anything that is not true - Prov. 10:9
For more information on protecting yourself from mortgage fraud or on securing the right mortgage go to Dale Vermillion's website.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Matt Redman Encourages Worship

Our country is facing a number of challenges and struggles and Matt Redman is urging the church to turn to worship in these times. Click here for more.

Happy 4th of July!!