Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indy Arrives Tomorrow!!

Well, the wait is nearly over. Indiana Jones, after a 19 year hiatus, is back in theaters. Indy 4 survived Cannes and most everyone liked it. I for one cannot wait! I remember seeing the first Indy movie on visit to Chicago back in 1981. I was a young teenager with adventure, fotune and glory on my mind. What an experience! We have all three movies on DVD (the original box set) and my kids love the adventure. They are extremely excited about seeing this movie.

As we wait in line to buy tickets and popcorn what will you be thinking regarding Indiana Jones? I know for me it will be nostalgic; remembering my childhood and dreaming of adventure. Don't let your childhood dreams vanish. Look back on those days and see if any of those dreams came true, and if they haven't work at making them a reality.

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