Thursday, February 26, 2009

Help NASA Name the Next Space Station Module

NASA is asking the public to help name the International Space Station's next module, Module 3. This module will be a control tower for robotics and the world's ultimate observation deck.

The module will provide room for life support systems and a one-of-a-kind work station with six windows around the sides and one on top to give astronauts a fantastic view of the Earth and space. It will also house a robotics workstation from which astronauts will be able to control the space station's 57-foot robotic arm.

You can vote for the module's name online by choosing one of the four suggested names - Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity, or Venture - or writing in a name. Submissions will be accepted until March 20 and the winning name will be announced on April 28 during the module's unveiling at the Kennedy Space Station in Florida.

For more information, to submit a name and to view pictures of the new module, click here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

America's Teens - Not As Bad As You Think

After a couple of days in bed, it's good to be back in the swing of things. I've been prescribed a Z-Pack to fight off what ever is in my chest and some steroids to open up my lungs. I think once the steroids have gone through my system I should be able to knock a few balls out of Turner Field - you can call me M-Roid.

As I was doing some last minute prep for this morning's show I came across an article at Townhall by syndicated columnist and radio host, Michael Medved. This article was simply titled, "America's Teens: Not As Raunchy or Irresponsible as You Think." Now, when anything is written about America's teenagers I do my best to save a copy and read for later. This was an interesting article that was made up of more than just one's opinion but filled with statistics.

If there is a teenager in your life you need to read this article. Tell me what you think once you've read it - do you agree or disagree. I will be talking more about it on tomorrow's morning show.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fireproof T-Shirts

This morning I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Rainey of Kerusso Activewear, a Christian company the specializes in testimony tee shirts. Christ was letting us know about a partnership with Sherwood Baptist Church's movie team who recently released their latest production, "Fireproof" on DVD.

This company has a long line of products that present Christ and Christianity in a unique way. Here are some examples of the Fireproof product:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can You Say, "Oh Snap!!"

Collaboration - A Key to a Team's Success

Each morning I receive a devotional thought from the team at Equip. This morning's devotional was something that I needed to read since the WRAF team will be coming together this morning to discuss our upcoming fund raiser Care-a-thon. I hope it speaks to you as well:

All in the Same Boat
Some sailors tried to jump ship . . . . Paul saw through their guise and told the centurion and his soldiers, "If these sailors don't stay with the ship, we're all going down." Acts 27:30-31 (The Message)

The quality most needed among teammates amidst the pressure of a difficult challenge is collaboration. Becoming a collaborative team player requires a change in four areas:

1.Perception: See teammates as collaborators, not competitors-completing one another is more important than competing with one another.
2.Attitude: Be supportive, not suspicious, of teammates-if you trust people, you will treat them better. And both you and they will be more likely to create collaborative relationships.
3.Focus: Concentrate on the team, not yourself-author Cavett Roberts points out, "True progress in any field is a relay race and not a single event." If you focus on the team and not just yourself, you will be able to pass the baton when necessary.
4.Results: Create great victories through multiplication-collaboration has a multiplying effect on everything you do, because it releases and harnesses not only your skills but those of everyone on the team.

The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

For more information on Equip and how you can partner with them, click here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Toccoa Falls Radio and Equip

One of the major accomplishments last week during National Religious Broadcaster's convention was the development of a long term partnership with Equip, the international leadership training organization founded by Dr. John Maxwell.

This past Monday, Bryan Race and I went to visit John Hull, president of Equip, and Tom Atema, vice president, about our upcoming partnership and what that would look like in the future. Needless to say, the afternoon brought more than what either Bryan or I expected. This new partnership will definitely grow into something that you and the entire WRAF audience will enjoy.

Check out the video
below to learn more about Equip:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

NRB Re-Cap

Before I knew it, the convention was over. I'm sorry I haven't posted updates on the NRB convention in Nashville, but we were so busy that by the end of the day I was way too tired to do anything. However, being the great guy that I am and that I know how much you want to know about what happened, here is a re-cap of the convention:

The morning service was fantastic! We heard from Dr. John MacArthur of Grace to You and his message on being a slave for Christ was inspiring and at times difficult. Thank you Dr. MacArthur for your Spirit-led message.

After the message, we loaded up some buses and were transported to a symphony hall in downtown Nashville for the annual Ambassador Advertising event. What a time we had! Peggy Campbell, president of Ambassador, let me know earlier that there would be a special surprise guest. That person turned out to be decathlon gold medalist of the Beijing Games, Bryan Clay. What an inspiring young man Bryan is. He is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University and a devoted follower of Christ. I was fortunate to get a picture taken with him while I held his gold medal. He said that he is out of shape and a little overweight - I told him my goal was to be his definition of "overweight."

Another busy day! We had a number of meetings but I was able to squeeze in some time with Chuck Bentley of Crown Financial Ministries. You can hear My Money Life each weekday at 7:45am and 5:45pm, and Money Life each weeknight at 6 on WRAF-fm.

I was also able to meet up with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine from Family Life Today, which can be heard weekdays at 5am and 11am on WRAF-fm. These guys are a lot of fun to hang out with. Bob can be a pretty big cut up.

This was our final day of the convention and it was a pretty light day. We were able to get on the expo floor for a while before the highlight of the afternoon - an interview with June Hunt of Hope for the Heart. What a deight June was. We were able to have a little fun and, hopefully, minsiter to those who listen each night for hope and encouragement.

Overall the convention was a success and one that I will not forget. I'm looking forward to the NRB leadership meetings in June at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and the 2010 NRB convention back in Nashville, Tennessee.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

NRB Day 1

Well, just finished day one of the National Religious Broadcasters convention here in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. The Gaylord Opryland Hotel is great, and, so far, the convention has been a winner.

Everything started with the NRB members meeting where I was nominated from the floor for a position on the board of directors. Unfortunately, I did not get voted on, but I have heard from too many of my radio friends who voted for that I have called for a Minnesota law team to come and "recount" the votes.

I moderated my first session of the convention and I believe it was a home run. The session was on internet radio, and my panel did a great job. I had Mike Trout from NWR, Dodd Morris of His Kids Radio, and Russ Hauth of Salem Communications. It was very informative. Russ's portion delivered the best response. He spoke on music liscensing for internet radio.

Dinner this evening was with Joni Erickson Tada of the radio ministry, Joni and Friends. What a night! We did some hymn singing and had a great meal. I also had the chance to speak with Joni about using second life as a way for those that are confined to their beds or unable to walk to take part in walk-a-thons and other events that they wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

The evening ended with the radio reception, which I believe was the best reception we have had in some time. I was able to meet up with a number of old friends and made a few new ones.

It's now time to call it a night. I've got a few meetings in the morning and the annual Ambassador Advertising event that I am looking forward to. More updates from NRB 2009 tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another 6 Weeks of Winter!?!?!

This morning, while on the air, I was able to see the proclaimed "prognosticators of prognosticators" and the "seer of seers" proclaim that we will have another six weeks of winter. According to my calendar, Spring will come on March 21st like it does every year. I think ole' Phil needs to check his calendar next year and sleep in.