Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sharing the Gospel... The Twitter Way

I just finished reading a blog that challenges the readers to share the Gospel using 140 characters or less. In other words, use Twitter to share the Gospel. What a great idea!! If you would like to enter go to Brian Baute's blog and submit your concept. While you are there read some of the other entries. There are a few creative tweets there. You can see my attempt on my twitter to the right.

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Anonymous said...

I just began using Twitter about 10-12 days ago - for the express purpose of evangelization (For personal chatter I have enough outlets already! :-)).

What I'm trying to do is one-verse-at-a-time exposition in the hope that it will get folks to check out the verses I reference either due to interest, curiosity, verification...whatever.

140 character limit makes this a real challenge to do, and at worse it will sharpen me up a bit. :-)