Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Do You Deserve

What do you deserve? I'm reminded of a story that came across my email this week about Burton Cummings from the rock group The Guess Who. He recounted to a friend (a fellow Canadian) about an opportunity he and the group had to perform at Carnegie Hall. The performance was recorded and the album was entitled The Guess Who Live from Carnegie Hall.

His friend was astonished that he had never heard of the album or of his friend's great achievement. Cummings laid his friend's fear to rest when he told him that the project never existed. Cummings said that he knew his place and they were crazy for thinking they would ever play at Carnegie Hall. He didn't deserve to play there.

This story points to a critical area in our lives today. We hold ourselves back and don't strive for success because we believe that we don't deserve it. Much of that thinking starts back to when we are young and we don't see how it affects us in the long term. We need to start believing in the idea that if we work hard enough and we believe that we deserve success we will find it.

The only reason we can't find a CD entitled The Guess Who live From Carnegie Hall is that Burton Cummings didn't believe he belonged there.

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