Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coffee or Tea?

Like most of us, I start my morning at the station with a cup of hot coffee (with cream of course). But the older I get I've noticed that coffee is having some negative effects on me - from insomnia to an upset stomach (due to coffee's acidity) to weight gain - all of which I do not need.

It wasn't long ago that I was introduced to the wonderful world of tea. Now, I haven't gone off coffee "cold turkey" but I am drinking more tea (of all types). Let me share with you some of the information that I have found out about the power of tea.

Centenarians - those that live to be one hundred years of age - can't be wrong - tea is the beverage of choice for most of them. According to Dr. Mashing Ni of Yahoo! Health, tea is full of antioxidants that improve concentration, boosts energy and make people happier. Tea is also more potent than vitamin E, and has been proven to prevent and help in the treatment of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "Self, there is no way I'm going to stop drinking coffee. I need that energy boost in the morning!" Well, I've got news for you, that boost of energy you get from coffee is actually stealing energy from other parts of your body - energy that you really don't have.

Tea has a number of benefits to your whole body. If you are trying to loose weight, tea is a great way to flush your body of all of those toxins and replace fluids. Plus it is a zero-calorie beverage so take a pass on those soda and have some tea.

There are so many types of tea available and each one has health benefits. Here are just a few types of teas and what they can do for you:
  • Ginger - helps with digestion and keeps you energized
  • Chamomile - settles the stomach and nervous system
  • Peppermint - relaxes the intestines and settles the stomach
  • Dandelion - detoxifies and supports a healthy liver
  • Valerian - helps with insomnia
So when you need help with better living remember - it's always tea time!

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Unknown said...

Try Starbucks Verona. It is a wonderful coffee (very smooth) and not a lot of acid. If you mix decaf Verona with regular, you can drink it up until 3 p.m. and still sleep like a baby at night! And be sure to add www.tfchistory.com to your favorite site list. We could link back to you, too.

Take Care,
Angie '88