Wednesday, February 13, 2008

10 Rules to Help Men Understand Women

With Valentine's Day right around the corner here are some rules that we guys need to better understand that special lady in our lives:

1. A romantic weekend does not include baiting a hook
2. "I ate it, didn't I" is not considered praise
3. An order of takeout ribs and an Adam Sandler movie is not everybody's idea of a good time
4. Yeah, yeah, you look fine" is not a compliment
5. Women DO tell their best friends everything
6. We (guys) have enough ball caps
7. We (guys) have enough t-shirts
8. When women ask "Are you listening?" they already know we are not
9. Nothing says, "I love you" like offering to go to the grocery store
10. If you can rebuild the carburetor on a '66 Mustang, working the washing machine should be a snap

Guys, follow these rules and your life may be just a little easier.

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