Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Funny Thing Called Time

I've recently joined the ranks of the 40 year olds and I'm amazed at the changes that have happened just in the last 20 or so years. Internet, email, computers; the ability to recall even the most minute information. It's amazing that you can retrieve information from decades ago - and in many ways in it's original format. What will be recalled of me; what information will be on the net about "Michael Shelley"?

Seth Godin's recent blog, in response to be able to see the career of someone develop in a matter of seconds because of the internet, answered my question, "You're going to be on someone's radar a lot longer than you think, longer than you're going to be at your current job and longer than you might want. The web doesn't forget."

A little scary isn't it? Your whole life can be on someone's computer screen for their personal "enjoyment." I find it interesting the whole You Tube thing as people post some of the most embarrassing videos - about themselves no less. What will an employer say when they just happen to find a video on You Tube of a future employee during Spring Break? Makes you think about the decisions we make and how they WILL affect our futures. Scripture says in Numbers 32:23 to be sure that our sins will catch up with us. Just something to think about.

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Tim Rhodes said...

Mike Shelley!
Hey there!

How've you been? Sorry it's been so long since I've been in touch! How's everything at WRAF? I've missed seeing you!