Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Jody Hice Radio Show

WRAF and Toccoa Falls Radio will begin a new partnership with Let Freedom Ring Ministries. The Jody Hice Radio Show will air weekday afternoons at 3:30.

Dr. Jody Hice,a native of Atlanta, Georgia, has served as Senior Pastor of Bethlehem First Baptist Church for the past ten years – a congregation recognized as being one of the fastest growing in the state. The church operates a Christian Academy for children K-10. While fulfilling his responsibilitites as Senion Pastor, Dr. Hice has always been involved in local issues that threaten the rights of individuals and religious liberties.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Asbury College in Wilmore, KY, a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, TX, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Hice served as the First Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention in 2004-05, is an Adjunct Professor at Luther Rice Seminary and serves on the Advisory/Accountability Boards of Unlimited Potential, Inc., a ministry to professional athletes. He currently serves as President of Ten Commandments of Georgia, Inc., and is author of the book, Deeper Than Water. He and his wife, Dee Dee, have two daughters.

The goal of the program is one of education, informing the public about the current issues that threaten our nation’s Judeo-Christian values and foundation. Most likely, the issues and events discussed is news to the listener simply because the Media chooses to ignore them or gives very little information.

According to Jody, "It's a fact, communicating information empowers people to the point they can become intelligently involvement in the many issues if they wish -- helping restore America to her historic Godly heritage and moral base.

"Let Freedom Ring Ministries wishes to do what it can to add another positive voice in the growing crusade to return the United States and its culture to the foundations upon which our country was originally built. "

Tune in to Toccoa Falls Radio Monday through Friday afternoons at 3:30 for this unique look at our culture.
The Jody Hice Radio Show


Anonymous said...

You are exactly what's wrong with our country, Evangelical preachers spewing there opinions from the pulpit. You should be ashamed of yourself. You do not need to tell your audience how to vote because who ever listens to you is already thinking the same as you. Ditto heads. I hope to God that Obama is our next President and you can eat your words once our country is back on track. 8 years of a complete idiot running our country creating a huge mess will be difficult to fix. President Obama who will work with both sides of the isle will fix the crap that Bush is leaving us with.

Christian and a Democrat

Anonymous said...

I saw you on TV Today expressing your opinion or endorsement to your congregation about who to vote for. As a Christian myself I am appauled. Barack Obama is a Christian who acknowledged that he has accepted Christ as his personal savior at the meeting at Saddleback with Rick Warren. I believe that for you to tell your congregation not to vote for him is racist and brings back those old Southern Racist attitudes that was preached from the pulpits during Slavery times. As a professional gospel singer I will personally make this travisty a part of my agenda as I sing in churches over the next 30 days. I will also make sure that we get a petition started to boycott your church and assist the IRS in removing our non profit status. It is not Barack Obama that is not a Christian. It is you and all your partners. Operating in fear not faith simply because the man is Black. And oh by the way I am a white female. You are the reason people turn away from our Lord and Savior. You don't deserve to be called a Christian.