Friday, June 27, 2008

Sisters Picketing for Losing Cable

The high gas prices are hitting everywhere in a family's budget. Two sisters in Salt Lake City, UT are now taking matters in their hands. Once their parents cut cable these two went into action. They began to picket!

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, "Sadie, 9, and her sister Pyper, 7, marched around downtown Salt Lake City chanting, 'Lower gas prices,' while carrying homemade signs." Sadie said, "Gas prices are too high... I just decided to come and protest so they'd go down." The sisters were inspired by their parents with former Mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson. Their father said that he was proud of his daughters.

What are you doing to help with the rising fuel costs? Is your family behind you in this decision and do your children understand why these things have to be?

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