Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. Last week I was hit with a stomach virus that would come and go. I never knew from day to day if I would be feeling good or not. Friday evening, once I finally got home, I slept for nearly 13 hours. The sleep didn't really get rid of it but left it dormant long enough for me to go see the latest in the Batman franchise, "The Dark Knight."

Now, I've heard a number of reviews about the movie and how great Heath Ledger played the part of the Joker. There's even buzz in the online community for Oscar for the late actor. So you can imagine my excitement as I left home Saturday afternoon to meet up with some friends to see this film. And not only were we going to see the film but see it on the iMax screen - 8 stories and 12,000 watts of sound!

After spending nearly 3 hours waiting in line (I bought my ticket 2 weeks earlier) we were told that the air conditioning in the theater was broken and we could either get our money back or see it in a different theater. Well, after waiting that long we decided to go into the other theater. We were not disappointed! What an experience! The movie did not disappoint. Good acting and great story.

I took a lot out of this movie. The primary theme throughout the story was "choices" as each character was involved in making choices. If you decide to go to see "The Dark Knight" see if you can identify the number of choices that are made - not choices like what do I wear, where do I eat - choices between right and wrong, good and evil, life or death.

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