Friday, July 11, 2008

Good News from Rush of Fools

From their latest email:

Dear Friends,

Many words would go into this letter, but we want to Thank Jesus for helping us recover our "stuff." You have been so faithful to pray, and financially support us during the past 6 days as we have walked through a scary and uncertain situation with the theft of our trailer and gear. We are so excited to report that at 1am on Tuesday morning, we received a call that our trailer and gear had been found by the Montgomery Police Department. While this investigation is ongoing, we want to respect the job that the local police are currently doing to find the people responsible for this crime, we did want to pass along the news to you. As of the writing of this, we have personally not seen the trailer yet (other than on the news - Thanks to our AMAZING friends at WSFA NBC Montgomery), nor any of our gear. We are told that the police feel about 90% of the stuff is still inside the trailer.

We do know, and have confirmed that it was the story that aired on WSFA that broke the case. We are thankful to whoever made that call into the tip line. Thank you for doing the brave thing. We hope we can repay you one day.

To the Montgomery Police Department and Sheriffs office, thank you for working so hard for the past 6 days to find our gear. We appreciate you not just treating this as another stolen property case, but going above and beyond.

To the folks at WSFA TV, thanks for taking a few minutes over the past few days to share our story with your viewers. You made a huge difference.

And finally, to the many friends and fans who have been praying and sending in your support. We are so grateful to you. We will be using the funds to replace any gear that was stolen, and we will be back on tour starting Sunday!

Many verses in scripture talk about us relying on God for our needs. Our story is a life story of asking Him to meet us where we are. And this case is no different. Please don't view the TV coverage, national radio coverage, and web blogs to be about us. It's all about our Great God who loves and cares for us. This is just another one of His amazing life moments. To that we are humbled.

Rush Of Fools
Wes, Kevin, JD, Jamie, and Jacob

Read the article from WFSA

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