Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break!!

It's Spring Break time!! I remember when I was a student how much I looked forward to this time of the Spring semester. Going down to Florida (which was home for me as well - saved some coin!!) and spending the entire week on the beach. Now that I'm out of school I don't have a Spring Break anymore. Even as a college professor I still worked during that week.

As I think back on my college days, I ask myself how could I have used the time differently. According to a survey from the National Association of College Stores, here is what today's college plans to do during break this year:
  • 37% plan to just relax at home
  • 28% will work
  • 24% plan to take a special trip
  • 5% are volunteering
  • 6% plan to do nothing
I wish the numbers of those who plan on either working or volunteering were higher. There is nothing better than giving of yourself instead of thinking of yourself.

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