Thursday, March 6, 2008

Change, Change, Change

Change is a buzz word in our culture today. A few candidates in the Presidential race are claiming that if you vote for them they will bring about change that our country needs. A former politician, whom I have great respect for, has a new book out entitled "Real Change." So what is change anyway? Change is a process that moves us out of out comfort system. Change can be uncomfortable at times and can have a ripping effect on those who fight against it. Change is needed when what has always been done doesn't work anymore. Since change is no respecter of persons it will happen whether we like it or not.

Think of change like a muscle in your body. When working out muscles can fight the change and resist but once the work out is accepted muscles grow and strengthen Change can be awkward at first but it pushes us to do our best - it isn't for chickens. If you resist you will be a victim and changes is won by the victors.

Change begins in the heart and is measured by its impact on all who are connected to it (whether they are for the change or not). If you can change before you have to change there will be less pain and resistance. Change is like fog - you can't see very well but you still can drive and reach your destination.

Like the old saying goes, "The only constant in the universe is change."

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