Monday, March 10, 2008

NRB Day 2

The second day of NRB has come and gone. It was definitely a filled day - non stop until just now. Here's a brief recap of the days events. We began with a breakfast hosted by Haven Today and Ambassador Advertising. What an inspirational morning! Charles Morris, host of Haven, brought the attendees words of hope and encouragement. I talked with Charles a little during breakfast and gave him a copy of Dam Break in Georgia, the book about 1977 tragedy at Toccoa Falls College. Charles is considering using this story has part of a future broadcast of Haven. If you would like a copy of this inspirational book of God's faithfulness please email me.

With it being Sunday morning, Bryan Race and I attended the morning worship service. Music was provided by Stephen Michael Newby Band from Seattle Pacific University and the message was delivered by Woodrow Kroll, senior Bible teacher of Back to the Bible. His message was on the 6 synonyms for the Bible found in Psalm 19.

While Bryan was at an event with Ambassador Advertising, I spent the afternoon exploring the exhibit hall and meeting with a few friends from various ministries. I spent a lot of time walking and tonight I definitely feel the day.

This evening was the best part. Walt Disney Studios presented a program entitled "The Power of Stories." It was presented by Mark Zoradi, president of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, and Glen Kean, animator/director, Walt Disney Animation Studios. What a fantastic night of hearing what God is doing among fellow believers like these gentlemen in the world of movies. We were treated to a sneak peak of the new movie Prince Caspian and Wall - E. We were also given the treat of the music of Jodi Benson, voice of Ariel of The Little Mermaid. Each one giving their testimony of how God entered their lives and changed them from the inside out.

As I continue to search for what God is doing, again the words story and prayer have played an all too important part of this convention. More tomorrow.

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