Friday, October 3, 2008

Pizza and Politics

Who spends more money on pizza - Democrats or Republicans? Are liberals more inclined to eat veggie pizzas? Do conservatives spend less on pizza but use their credit card more often? These questions may soon be answered by Domino's Pizza. The world leader in pizza delivery has launched "Pizza Tracker Poll" at their website.

Customers who order their pizzas online and follow the progress of their order using Domino's Pizza tracker, can participate in the "Pizza and Politics" poll. They will be able to identify themselves as Democrat, Republican or Undecided, and Domino's will be able to see which political party likes to "ham" it up with their pizza.

Chris McGlothin, Domino's Chief Information Officer said, "Through our technology, we can match pizza and sandwich orders with our customer's self-identification with a political party to see what kinds of trends exist, if any. This is our chance to determine if the stereotypes about political affiliations are deserved or if they're just myths."

This reminds me as a student at Toccoa Falls College, the guys dorm would compete with the other two major dorms on campus, both womens, to see who order more pizza each semester. The guys would always lose. Next time you order your pizza, try giving this system a try and see who eats more pizza and what kinds - Democrats or Republicans.

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