Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5 Worst Eating Habits

From Nubella's website, here are the 5 worst eating habits:
  1. Snacking in front of the television - studies have shown that eating in front of the T.V. causes us to eat more that 40% more food than we would naturally eat. The main reason is that you are paying more attention to what you are watching than what you are eating.
  2. Using food to feel better - how many times have you gone to the freezer or pantry for that comfort food at the end of a tough day. My favorite comfort food is "Cheeze-Its".
  3. Relying on external cues rather than on internal cues - a study conducted by Cornell University's Food Brand Lab found that Americans tend to use an external cue, such as a clean plate, as an indicator to quit eating rather than an internal cue, like feeling full.
  4. Favoring fast food - we live in a go-go-go culture. It's so much easier to go through a drive through and pick up dinner than it is to make a sit down dinner at home. I urge you to try to have at least one sit-at-home dinner with the family. What you will find is that your family will get closer, you'll have a few more dollars in your pocket, and you might juse feel a little better
  5. Eliminating fat from your diet - we have all fallen into this idea that ALL fat is bad. However, there are types of fat that is good for you - monounsaturated (found in nuts), polyunsaturated (found in corn oil) and omega-3 (found in fish) are all beneficial.

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