Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holiday Parties at 20 Year Low

In a recent post, I told of research of how many are uncomfortable with meeting strangers during holiday parties. Well, you might not even get the chance. According to an annual survey conducted by Battalia Winston Amrop, only 81% of businesses in the U.S. will have a holiday party of some kind. This marks the lowest percentage in the last 20 years which surpasses 83% after 9/11 and 82% during the 1991 recession. In addition, 37% of those polled say that the economy has impacted the planning of their holiday celebrations - either they have cancelled them altogether or the parties will be more modest.

Other findings of interest:
  • No bonus this year - 62% of businesses will either give the same or smaller bonuses this year.
  • Increase the chartiable giving - even though the economy is difficult, many businesses will continue to participate in charitable giving (74%)
  • Time and Place of Christmas parties - those that will give a party this year they will happen in the evening and not during work hours.
  • Gift giving - 42% of employees polled said they are still planning to give co-workers Christmas gifts this year

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