Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Always Pleased to Meet You

I mentioned on today's show about a study conducted by PrimaLoft regarding which things or situations Americans symbolize as comfort. The holidays are times in which we get invited to to a number of parties and come across people we have never met. According to this study, 34% of Americans are uncomfortable about introducing themselves to strangers.

In this study, men are more comfortable (72%) meeting stranger than women (58%). However, in dealing with confronting a close neighbor, those numbers drop (58% of men and 69% of women). What does this say about us? Maybe that is why, as Christians, we find it hard to confront those who need to hear the Gospel.

According to Tom Mendl, marketing director for PrimaLoft, "Most people avoid confrontation in general. It makes sense not to stir up hard feelings with people who live nearby." What is the most umcomfortable situation - telling someone they have bad breath.

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