Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Binds You?

I was reminded of how animal trainers train an elephant. It's pretty amazing how this is accomplished. You would think that one of the strongest animals on the planet would be hard to control, but the method is pretty amazing.

It all starts when the elephant is young. The young elephant is shackled to a tree and strong iron chains. When the beast tries to free it self it feels the resistance. Over time the chains are replaced by smaller and weaker restraints, but enough of a restraint that keeps the animal from coming loose. This training takes place of a long period of time and before long the elephant is restrained by just twine and a wooden stake. What the trainer has done is defeat the will of the elephant and tricked it to think that it cannot free itself when in reality the elephant can easily free itself with just a slight tug on the line.

This process reminds me of how sin entraps us and tricks us into thinking that we are defeated when in reality the power Christ has given us through the Holy Spirit enables us to defeat the sin in our lives. What power does sin have over you today? What lies have you been tricked into believing are true and has you "chained"? According to the Scriptures, the power of Christ within us is greater than anything Satan can throw at us. All it takes is a little "tug" at the twine to be free.

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