Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling Gouged at the Pump?

What do you do if you feel that the local gas station is taking advantage of the current situation in Texas and is gouging you at the pump? Well, if you are a resident of Georgia, Governor Sonny Perdue as issued his anti-gouging order and you now have some ammunition to fight with.
  1. If you feel that you are being gouged keep your gas purchase receipt.
  2. With your camera phone, take a picture of the gas price and your purchase total.
  3. In the Atlanta area call (404) 651-8600
  4. Outside Atlanta call 800-869-1123
  5. Go online to
Bill Cloud, spokesman for the state's consumer affairs office, said that there wasn't a gas shortage but more a run on gas. "Believe me, if everybody goes out and buys gas, you're going to run out of gas, " he said. "If you've got gas and don't need to go on a trip, I'd wait to get gas later in the week."

Story from Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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