Friday, June 17, 2011

Doing the Right Thing

Our culture is undergoing an ethical and moral breakdown of seismic proportions, and the implications reverberate through our families, workplaces, communities and all of society. How did we get into this mess, and how and where do we begin to examine ethical and character issues in order to once again begin to live virtuous lives? How can we, as a society, do what’s right even in the face of powerful temptations and incentives to do what’s wrong?

I had the opportunity to speak with Chuck Colson about a new small group study on ethics entitled, Doing the Right Thing.  Chuck has been on a nationwide tour teaching groups about the need for the return to biblical ethics.  To listen to the interview please click here or scroll down.

The tour stops in Atlanta and you can join Chuck Colson, Ken Boa, Gerard Long, Jenny Noyes, Scott Rae, John Stonestreet and others in a live exploration of the crisis of ethics, and the steps we must take in our homes, churches, schools and society to rebuild an ethical culture and virtuous society. It will take place on Friday June 24, 8am - Noon at The 755 Club at Turner Field in Atlanta. Cost is $25 (pastors and students free). To register, visit

This tour previews a six-part curriculum produced by the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, “Doing the Right Thing: A Six-Part Exploration of Ethics.” This DVD-based series and the live tour events explore topics such as How did we get into this mess?; Is there truth, a moral law we can all know?; If we know what is right, can we do it?; What does it mean to be human?; Ethics in public life; and Ethics in the marketplace.

Event participants will preview extended clips from the video series, hear presentations from leading experts on the topics, and have the opportunity to pre-order the DVD series at a special advance rate in order to begin with others conversations on ethics, morality, virtue, character, truth and issues of right and wrong.  To learn more about the curriculum please click here.

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