Friday, February 18, 2011

Makoto Fujimura - The Arts and The Church

I had the chance to speak with, in my opinion, one of brightest and most talented artists in our country - Makoto Fujimura. Fujimura has emerged as a voice of integrating the arts with the Faith in new and creative ways. He has been featured in The Truth Project and was a Presidential appointee to the National Council on the Arts (2003-2009).

Of all of his accomplishments, however, he is most proud of the International Arts Movement. According to their website, IAM "gathers artists and creative catalysts to wrestle with the deep questions of art, faith, and humanity in order to inspire the creative community to engage the culture that is and create the world that "ought to be."

He has recently partnered with Crossway Publishing a beautiful illumination of the four Gospels. This work, titled The Four Holy Gospels, blends Western and Eastern artistic traditions that brings back the traditions of illuminated works from the Middle Ages.

To listen to the interview click here or scroll down.

Makoto Fujimura - The Art of "The Four Holy Gospels" from Crossway on Vimeo.

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