Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making the Right Call When Choosing a Cell Phone

Now that the iPhone is available on AT&T and Verizon, the cell phone wars are heating up. How do you pick the right phone and carrier that will meet your needs? Here are a few suggestions from the Atlanta Better Business Bureau:
  1. Phones - think about how you are going to use your phone; if you are going to use it to only make calls than buying a smart phone may not be the right call.
  2. Plans - find out the billing cycle, the term of the contract, hidden fees, etc. One other item is the number of minutes being billed for.
  3. Coverage - this is where the low cost carriers lose - what's the point of having a cell phone when you don't have reception. Also look for national roaming and international calling features.
Some questions you should ask before signing a contract:
  1. How long is the grace period for testing the service and phone?
  2. How long is the contract?
  3. How many minutes do I get each month and how can I track them?
  4. What are the extra fees?
  5. Will bundling or a data plan save me money?
Always read the fine print and don't feel pressured in buying something that you know you don't need. Check out the company's report by visiting the Better Business Bureau.

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