Friday, November 20, 2009

The Twilight Saga Continues

If you have teenagers in your life you have no doubt heard about Bella and Edward, the two primary characters of the Twilight saga. The new movie New Moon opens today and the fans are ready for this next installment.

My son has read the book and was not impressed (I think there wasn't enough action in it). Anyway, I've been contemplating the whole Edward/Bella thing and wondering how can I respond to the mania. I've read a lot blogs and articles with various points of view but nothing that really answered my questions until I read Jonathan McKee's article.

Jonathan has been on my show and is a youth specialist. He's not a typical "down on movies" or "movies are bad" kind of guy. He's pretty honest and straight on. Here's his take on New Moon and the points you, as a parent/grandparent/teen should know.

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