Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Has the Worst Traffic in the Nation

I hate traffic! When I worked in Atlanta I had to endure some of the worst traffic and I thought for sure that Atlanta's traffic was the worst in the nation. According to an AJC article, Atlanta ranks third in the nation. The report also showed that the typical Atlanta commuter spent 57 hours a year sitting in traffic. That results in over 133,000,000 hours lost in productivity and a record $3 billion.

For more information on the traffic woes of our country click here

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RustyBolt1 said...

Thankfully I don't have to deal with the Atlanta commute. About the worst thing someone had me do was to come to Buckhead at 8 a.m. for some training on a new web system we adopted. No matter how early I left home, it just wasn't enough to avoid the gridlock. Y'all can have that mess!