Wednesday, July 8, 2009

5 Tips to Protect You Against Mortgage Fraud

Dale Vermillion, author of the book Navigating the Mortgage Maze: The Simple Truth About Financing Your Home, informed my listeners that mortgage fraud is on the rise in this country, and to protect us here are Dale's five tips to protect us from being taken advantage of:
  1. Choose Godly personal friends or referrals - Prov. 12:26
  2. Talk to multiple people - Prov. 15:22
  3. If it's too good to be true - it probably is - Prov. 24:3
  4. Get references and credibility resources - Prov. 4:7
  5. Never agree to anything that is not true - Prov. 10:9
For more information on protecting yourself from mortgage fraud or on securing the right mortgage go to Dale Vermillion's website.

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