Wednesday, February 25, 2009

America's Teens - Not As Bad As You Think

After a couple of days in bed, it's good to be back in the swing of things. I've been prescribed a Z-Pack to fight off what ever is in my chest and some steroids to open up my lungs. I think once the steroids have gone through my system I should be able to knock a few balls out of Turner Field - you can call me M-Roid.

As I was doing some last minute prep for this morning's show I came across an article at Townhall by syndicated columnist and radio host, Michael Medved. This article was simply titled, "America's Teens: Not As Raunchy or Irresponsible as You Think." Now, when anything is written about America's teenagers I do my best to save a copy and read for later. This was an interesting article that was made up of more than just one's opinion but filled with statistics.

If there is a teenager in your life you need to read this article. Tell me what you think once you've read it - do you agree or disagree. I will be talking more about it on tomorrow's morning show.

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