Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Olympics Can Bring...

The Olympics has a way of bringing the best and worst out of you. I've been very pleased to see how the U.S. athletes have responded to pressure and - what looks like favoritism - disappointment. That can't be said of every athlete, however.

From throwing the Bronze medal to ground to show-boating in race, being on an international stage can expose what is deep down in a person's character. The problem is, the whole world is watching you. Plus, you are recorded for posterity's sake and you will never be able to deny your actions.

You don't need to be on an international stage to keep yourself in check. As a believer in Jesus Christ I know my actions and attitudes are on display for the entire "world" to see. Those that do not hold the same beliefs I have are watching me and making a judgment on my character and my faith. I am the only person standing in the way of someone seeing Christ.

Next time you are in the public eye (which can be at any time - from shopping at Wal-Mart to your work environment) the world is watching and they want (dare I say desire) to see Christ in you - your hope for glory.

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