Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update on WRAF Care-a-Thon

The Lord is blessing the efforts of Care-a-thon 2008. As of April 14, WRAF has received $48,934. Care-a-thon will continue for the next three weeks and during this time we will continue ti wait on the Lord to bring in the funds needed to operated this media ministry.

Here are some of the comments we have received about the ministry of WRAF:
  • Steve from Central S.C. - Thanks for the GREAT programming! I love listening to the music.
  • Doug and Vivian from Cleveland, GA - We appreciate the wonderful programs. Thanks especially for Joni, Chuck Swindoll, and James Dobson and the wonderful music.
  • Zack and Alice from GA - We listen to Churck Swindoll almost every morning plus lots of your other programming.
Hearing from listeners like these makes getting up every morning all the more worth it. Please consider partnering with WRAF with a faith promise.

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