Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How Are Those Resolutions Going?

So, we are about half way through the first month of 2014 - how are those resolutions coming? I can only speak for me but I'm tanking right now. My resolutions are listed in the previous post and I don't think they are all that difficult, but it seems that they are taking longer to catch on than I thought they would.

I was hoping that by now they would become a habit but it seems that habits take a little longer to catch on than I thought.  I've heard that habits can take about 21 - 26 days but shouldn't I be seeing something by now?  Actually, according to some of the research I've been reading some habits can take no time at all to form while others can take as long as 66 days.  Good Grief!! If that's the case I don't think I will ever get through these resolutions!

You probably are having the same reaction I did when I read the research but I'm here to encourage and not discourage you.  Here are some things that I have been reminded of regarding forming new habits:
  • Repition is important! Anything worth doing you need to do over and over again. Remember some of the habits we are trying form are going to replace bad habits or are going to be new things all together.  Keep moving forward. Don't let the little slip up sidetrack you.
  • We are fighting the base part of our nature if we are trying to retrain our brain to move in the right direction. Our human nature hates change has much as anyone else and will fight you again and again.
  • Gather around you a support team that will keep you encouraged and focused on what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Get in to God's Word (that may be the new habit you're trying to form - don't start in Lamentations!).
Hey, it's only the middle of January there's still whole year in front of you! You can be successful if you just keep moving forward - one step at a time.

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