Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Haiti Journal - Day 1

Well it's been a week since I was in Haiti and I've had so many ask about my trip. Obviously I wish I could share everything that I experienced but that would take more time than most have available.  After a lot of thought I have decided to share my journal that I kept while in Haiti. Today's post is from my first day.  I hope that it will adequately share how I was feeling.

Haiti - Day 1
After a turbulent flight to Florida and a good dinner with mom and the Cross Team I hoped to get a good nights rest but I tossed a lot, not quite getting comfortable. Before I knew it, 3am came around and it was time to get up and prepare for the trip.

Once we arrive at the airport I began to feel those anxious feelings - what am I doing? How will this affect me? Even now, as I'm on the plane, I still feel lost in all of this.  It all feels surreal.

(This part of the journal entry was written at the end of the day)
We visiting 3 schools today.  The word that best describes my feelings is "overwhelmed." The first  school, Santo School, they sang and quoted Psalm 23.  These were some of the sweetest faces that I've seen. One little guy - while we were praying - had such a precious face while praying.

The next school was Bute Boyer (sp?). The director of the school is the son of the founder who was killed during the earthquake. The school building crumbled on him. The school (year) started late and had only 7 students the first day. Today there were about 20-30. I had the chance to serve lunch to the students.

The last school, School of the Good Sower, is a school and orphanage. They also have a special needs wing. These children are the forgotten ones. Made eye contact with a little boy there who just lit up! What a precious smile he has! There was one little girl who was found in a trash heap. This was an amazing day! Tomorrow promises to be another great one. I'm so grateful for the team around me - especially Frank Sontag. Frank is becoming a good friend.

Tomorrow I will have my journal entry for day 2.

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