Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9-11-01

It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since that day.  Twelve years since the day that changed everything.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I guess that's how those that experienced Pearl Harbor or those that witnessed the assignation of President Kennedy feel.  I will always remember 9-11-01.

I was working for In Touch Ministries.  My co-worker and I were attending a regional religious broadcasters event in Michigan and were having a great time.  It's always good to see old friends and make new ones at events like that one.  The night before we heard a great message from a local pastor and were blessed by music from Charles Billingsley and Sela.  I went to bed that evening feeling very relaxed.  That wouldn't last too long.

The next morning I got up a little earlier than normal and took my time getting ready for the day.  There were no televisions in the rooms so I still had not heard of the horror that was taking place in New York.  Once ready for the day I made my way to the dining hall for a much needed breakfast.  Once I entered the building I noticed a number of my colleagues gathered around the only television on the premises discussing some accident that had just happened.

I walked up to a good friend of mine, Les Lamborn, and asked what was going on.  He told me a plane had struck one of World Trade Center buildings.  I was a little shocked but thought it was one of those smaller planes where the pilot had lost control.  I heard more of the report on Fox News when it was said that it was larger plane.  I couldn't believe it.  The day was gorgeous both in Michigan and in New York.  What could have possibly gone wrong.

As I entered the discussion we all watched as the second plane hit! At that point we knew this was a planned attack! It had to be!  Then more news of a plane hitting the Pentagon and a little while later another plane going down in Pennsylvania.  What was going on!?

I was on the phone with my wife in Atlanta and my co-workers at In Touch.  Everyone worried and wondering how we were going to get home.  My partner and I were on the phone calling rental car companies to secure a vehicle.  I found out that my in-laws were stuck in Detroit and had no where to go and no way of getting home.

Once we got a car we were on our way to Detroit to pick up my in-laws and then on our way to Atlanta.  To say the least, this was one of the most stressful days in my life.  I look back on it and see how God did some marvelous things to let everyone know that He was in control.

This morning during my show I had my friend Les call in to share some words with my audience.  To hear his encouragement click here.  I pray that on this day of remembrance we never forget those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and what God did in the days and months that followed.

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