Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Love After Marriage

Although every married couple hopes for lifelong happiness together, the current statistics still show that 40% to 50% of modern marriages fall apart.  But one couple believes that God can create a miracle out of a marriage.  Barry and Lori Byrne have released a new book entitled Love After Marriage, and through it share principles that have shaped their marriage as well as those that they have counseled.  To listen to my interview with them click here.

In Love After Marriage, the Byrne's share their 30-year marriage testimony and struggles and breakthroughs of other couples that have miraculously resolved marital barriers and discovered a more intimate relationship with each other and God.  Those couples who have struggled with conflict, infidelity, shame, addiction, sexual dysfunction, financial hardship and loss of intimacy are now experiencing deeper spiritual, emotional, and physical oneness.

Some of the principles featured in Love After Marriage include:
  • How to create a relationship of deep intimacy through openness and honesty.
  • Spiritual strategies that break barriers that can destroy a marriage.
  • Inviting the Holy Spirit and His power into your marriage.
  • Establishing and maintaining deeper communication
  • Having a powerful prayer time with your spouse
  • Overcoming the Enemies strategies that will destroy your lives by destroying your marriage.

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