Friday, April 6, 2012

Man on the Run

Do you have a hyper-hobbied man in your life?  You know who I mean - those guys that live and breathe adventure, sports, and other pursuits that challenge and stimulate them.  What happens when those God-given passions become obsessions?  When they interfere with the important things in life like family, relationships and God?  Zeke Pipher, senior pastor of Heartland Evangelical Free Church in central Nebraska, has written a fantastic book that deals with those issues - Man on the Run: Helping Hyper-Hobbied Men Recognize the Best Things in Life.

Passionate, pursuit-driven men can make great husbands, fathers, friends, and colleagues because of their tendencies to "go for it."  However, these same qualities can destroy those same relationships and men end up losing what's most important in life.  How to have the best of both worlds is what Zeke attempts (and successfully accomplishes) to address in this book.

I had the chance to talk with Zeke about his book and what led him to write about what fuels a man's passion.  To listen click here or scroll down.  I can't help but recommend this book to men and women who want to have the adventurous life with out that same life consuming you.


Anonymous said...

Love the book - and the topic . . . very important issue for the man seeking God's heart today.

Thanks for the interview Mike!

Anonymous said...
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