Friday, December 2, 2011

Answers for Skeptics

Dr. Alex McFarland, religion and culture expert, is a renowned expert in Christian apologetics.  He is the host of the TV program Sound Rezn and is the co-host for Explore the World.  He has authored several books including, The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity, Stand Strong: In College, 10 Questions Every Christian Must Answer plus others.

One thing you will find about Dr. McFarland's books is that they are well-written.  They are intellectual yet easy to understand.  He doesn't shy away from the hard topics but confronts them head on.  His latest book, 10 Answers for Skeptics, identifies the 10 most common types of skepticism that plague doubters' minds and offers believers proven strategies for connecting intellectually and spiritually with those who are skeptical about the claims of Christianity.

Dinesh D'Souza, New York Times best-selling author and president of The King's College, says in his forward to the book, "His enthusiasm is contagious not only in person but also in his writing. Alex's latest contribution to the field of apologetics, 10 Answers for Skeptics, is a unique blend of reason and experience. The result is a book that offers answers to intellectual barries as well as the experiential challenges to faith that trouble many skeptics."

During my interview with Alex we talked about his new book plus his latest debate with president of American Atheists David Silverman over the topic "Is Christianity good for America?"  To listen click here or scroll down.

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