Thursday, December 9, 2010

How Should a Christian Respond to Homosexuality?

I believe the number one cultural issue facing the Church today is homosexuality. We as believers have done a poor job at responding to the homosexual community and we are now labeled has intolerant, hateful, and unChristian. How would Christ respond to this segment of our population?

I received a few weeks ago a unique text entitled, the Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality, and it was edited by two people who have been affected by homosexuality both personally and in their families. I recognized one name, Joe Dallas, who was the past president of Exodus International. The other name I wasn't familiar with but her last name I did recognize, Heche. Nancy Heche, who works as a counselor out of her church in south Florida, is the mother of actress and Hollywood icon, Anne Heche. You can learn more about Nancy's experience in her book, The Truth Comes Out.

I had the opportunity to talk with Nancy about her life, her work, and the book she and Joe have just published. This is a fascinating conversation that gives some great advice on talking and relating to the gay community. To listen click here or scroll down

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