Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Choosing the Right Artificial Tree

For as long as I can remember, my family always had a real tree at Christmas. My folks would load us up in the van and go to the tree sellers and pick out the best one we could find. This was always special for me because we did that on my birthday.

Today, since trees are somewhat expensive, artificial trees are on the list of things to get this season. My family inherited an artificial tree that we have used the last three years and have saved quite a bit of money.

So, now that you have decided to buy an artificial tree, how do you choose one. Here as some points to consider that I found in the November 2010 issue of Lake Living magazine:
  1. Artificial trees come in many colors. You need to keep in mind your particular style. Christmas ornaments will really stand out on a color other than evergreen
  2. Some trees come in one piece and are able to collapse for storage. Others, however, have individual branches that need to be inserted. Gauge your level of patience.
  3. The needles on artificial trees come in a variety of ways. Some are flat and soft while others resemble real needles.
  4. Some artificial trees come pre-lit. That's a big thing for me, but there are some concerns. What happens when a bulb goes out? What about LED lights? Should the lights be colored or just white?
  5. Size is something to think about. Make sure the tree fits your home and the place it will be standing for Christmas.
  6. Since size is something to consider also add to the fact storage - where will it go once Christmas is over.
For more tips on buying an artificial tree check out this site. Just some things to think about when hunting for the perfect artificial tree. Once you have found your tree and have it decorated, send me a picture!

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