Monday, August 16, 2010

Saving Orphans in Mozambique

This week at WRAF we are teaming with Cross International to save orphans in Mozambique. This country, once a vibrant land, is now plagued with the AIDS virus and many children are left without a mother or father. They live wherever they can and eat whatever they find. A truly tragic situation.

Cross International works with agencies, missions and churches already established in Mozambique to rescue these precious little ones by placing them in a caring Christian home. For a one time gift of $68 these children will receive food, clothing, medical assistance, school supplies and a home, plus much more.

I urge you to listen to the interview I had with Chuck Burge of Cross International to get a better idea of what Cross does on the ground to serve the poorest of the poor. Then listen to our Days of Rescue and Hope, August 18 and 19 on WRAF for your opportunity to give a one time gift of $68.

You can rescue an orphan right now by calling our special rescue line 888-979-2009 or visiting WRAF's web site. It only takes a one time gift of $68 to give a child in Mozambique a new chance at life.

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