Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Core Freedoms Are Eroding Away

This past weekend we celebrated the 234th birthday of this great nation. As my family and watched fireworks I was reminded about the freedoms that we hold to and those freedoms are what make our country to unique.

However, you need to know about what may be one of the gravest, most insidious threats to religious freedom I've ever seen. What may be an attempt, at the very highest levels of government, to RE-DEFINE the very meaning of religious freedom, from "free exercise" to merely private worship.

In a speech at Georgetown Univeristy, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented on a new direction in government policy that puts our religious liberties are in peril. Please, click on the link below to see Chuck Colson's "Two Minute Warning" video commentary to see exactly what I'm talking about. Study carefully the play on words; words matter. I urge you: Watch this video, share it with friends. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper - point out what is going on. It's time to expose this outrageous and dangerous assault on religious freedom. We cannot be asleep at our posts while we still have the freedom to speak out

To learn more about the Manhattan Declaration please click here

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