Monday, January 12, 2009

Fire on the Campus of Toccoa Falls College

Early this morning Gate Cottage, on the campus of Toccoa Falls College, caught on fire. Cause of the fire is still not known. No one was injured as the building was empty. The building houses Gate Cottage Restaurant, Falls Gift Shop and the School of Counseling. Check the Toccoa Falls College website for updates.

Gate Cottage was first built in 1920 as a small cabin to be used as a staff residence. The building served this purpose until 1939 when it was destroyed by fire. In the summer of 1939 students began to build the present building using stone from the area. Over the years the building has served many different functions. In the 40’s it served as the home economics department for the young women. In the 50’s it served as the kitchen and dining room for the school. The second floor of the building was also used for a variety of functions including married student housing, offices for alumni and advancement and is currently being used for offices for the School of Counseling. During World War II many women were trained there as secretaries and later were hired by the government.

The building was the first building on campus to be hit with the flood waters when the earthen dam above the falls broke in the early morning hours in November of 1977. Much damage was done to the inside of the building, but the structure still stood.

In recent years, the main floor was used as a restaurant. This area has been expanded to accommodate many more diners. The gift shop, which was on the lower level, has been moved to the main level. It has also been expanded and will include many new items for sale.


Anonymous said...

I saddens me as a former TFC student to hear this. Gate Cottage was one of my favorite buildings on campus. I'll be praying for the students and the school.

Let Love Grow said...

Yes this is very sad - You all will be in my prayers. I am an alumni as well, 98'

Anonymous said...

The white building behind Gate Cottage was a horrible, ugly building Hopefully the college will select a decent architect.